Top Online Lottery Sites in 2022

Finding a good online lottery site can be a little tricky. There are many scam sites out there.

Whether you’re looking to play national or international lottery draws online, we’ve got you covered. We have selected the best lottery sites on the market, so you can set the ball rolling today!

Best Online Lottery Agents

Here you’ll find the top online lottery websites.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering where to start when it comes to online lotteries. BestLottoBuy has picked out the best lottery sites, so you can compare them, sign up and start playing games like PowerBall, Mega Millions and EuroMillions. The beauty of playing an online lottery is that you aren’t restricted by location. Lottery websites have a bit more freedom than sidewalk operators to expand their game selection. In theory, you could play almost any lottery in the world.

6.4 million dollars winner

Powerball Logo


The jackpot has a minimum guaranteed fund of $40 million

US Powerball has been around since 1992. Today, 44 states throughout the US participate in this game. The lottery utilizes a two-drum concept and features nine prize tiers.

MegaMillions Logo


For Mega Millions, the guaranteed grand prize fund is $40 million.

Mega Millions is a two-drum lottery available in 44 states, but also throughout the world if you play online. The largest-ever jackpot won by a single player was given in Mega Millions in 2018. The sum reached a whopping $1.5 billion!

EuroMillions Logo


The jackpot has a minimum of €15 million.

EuroMillions has been around for over 15 years since it was established in 2004, and billions of euros have been paid as prizes up to this point. You can buy it in 13 countries, or online from the rest of the world.

Best Lotteries in the World

Online lotto allows you to choose from a wide variety of lotteries available throughout the world. 

Offering some of the biggest jackpots ever seen, especially via its highly acclaimed Super Draws that cap out at €200 million!
In 2013, US Powerball announced that it had a goal: to reach a $1 billion jackpot by 2022. The Powerball jackpot in November 2022 of $2.04 billion made it the largest lottery jackpot total in US history.
Mega Millions is one of America's two big jackpot games, and the only one with Match 5 prizes up to $5 million
Eurojackpot offers prizes worth up to €90 million every Friday night
El Gordo promises a starting jackpot of €5 million and enjoys frequent rollovers which lead to impressive jackpots such as the €33,024,545 prize pool of 2011.
The Austrian Lottery Toto Company founded the Austria Lotto, or Osterreichische Lotterien, in 1986.
The well-known and impressive odds of winning a prize in the Australian Saturday Lotto are one of the reasons many players love this Aussie lottery which makes 1:31 players a winner.
One of the most popular - and oldest - lotteries in Europe is the Spanish La Primitiva.

New online lottery sites

The best thing about lottery sites is that you can enter draws that would be otherwise inaccessible. This opens up a whole new world of potential mind-blowing jackpots. 

4.5 rating
LottoGo is a rebrand of World Lottery Club, and it's done a much better job of building a platform for playing the lottery this time around.
2.5 rating houses the most lucrative lottery games in the lottery industry. Games like Euromillions, US’ Powerball and Mega Millions, UK National Lotto, and many others.
Lotto Agent
5.0 rating
Established in 2012, LottoAgent is a one of the best online lottery sites. They buy official tickets on your behalf and send you a scanned copy. Unfortunately it is restricted in quite a few countries.
4.3 rating
WinTrillions has been around since 2005, and offer 22 grand prize lotteries and 9 millionaire raffles. The service offers players a chance to buy official international lottery tickets.
The Lotter
4.8 rating
theLotter is an online lottery agent service that allows visitors to buy official draw tickets for more than 50 international lotteries.

The Safest Way To Buy Lottery Tickets Online

For those still asking the question, “Can you play the lottery online?” The answer is a resounding, YES. Buying lottery tickets online is fast becoming the preferred alternative to buying physical lotto tickets over the counter.

Millions of lottery players from around the world are playing international lotteries and buying lotto tickets online and from the comfort of their own home or office. Why? Because of the many benefits of purchasing online over buying lottery tickets over the counter.

However, most players buying lottery tickets online are new to the process of, for example, legally purchasing a USA Powerball ticket online. If this is you then you may have some legitimate concerns.

It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are purchasing your lottery tickets from, as long as you’re buying them from the legitimate agent.

How To Play Lotto Online

Online lottery platforms are not rocket science. It is easy if you follow these steps:

  • Signing up to make an account for the website by providing your complete name, email, active mobile phone number, physical address, and country of origin
  • Adding funds to your online playing account using your credit card, e-Wallets, or instant pay-services
  • Shopping around for lottery games to add to a cart before checking out
  • Check results on the website’s homepage after the draw

Most Internet-based lottery services will add secondary prizes to your playing account directly. In case you win the grand prize, most would inform you through a phone call and arrange to help you claim your prize.

Top Online Lottery Sites
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